My Career

To make it relatively brief, I started off at The Sun newspaper way back in 2000.
I worked across the print aspect of the paper and as a kid did surprisingly well. I started as a Graphic Designer and became the Deputy Head of Design at the age of 25 working across both the print and digital side of the business. I worked there for a number of years until 2012 when I left.

After that I became a UX&D consultant at The FA, overhauling their digital offerings in a very successful project.
From there I moved to Northern & Shell, as the Digital Art Director in charge of all their brands including Channel 5, OK! Magazine, Daily Star, Daily Express, Health Lottery and New and Star Magazines. After a couple of years at N&S I took a job as the Creative Lead for an digital agency based in Hove, Brighton. I was in charge of running the UX and UI team across a number of new Digital products, apps and cross-platform responsive sites.
In the summer of 2016 I took a contract as a Senior UI Lead for Camelot Global. Working on a €7m project to overhaul and redesign the Swiss National Lottery website and App consisting of Swiss Lotto, EuroMillions, Instant Win Games, Sports Betting and Horse racing. The project was hugely successful and Co-Managing a team of 15 designers across three time zones was testing to say the least. My 6-month contract was extended and was there for 20 months in total.

I have many years of experience working on iOS and Android apps, mobile-first & responsive sites. I can Rapid Prototype, create low-High Fidelity wireframes, Interactive prototyping all the weay through to creating pixel perfect User Interfaces. The tools of my trade are: the whole Adobe suite, Sketch, InVision, Zeplin, Omnigraffle, Marvel, Balsamiq, UX Pin, Slack, Jira, Trello and hangouts….

I have solid experience working within various frameworks including Agile, Lean & waterfall methodologies. I’m a huge fan of collaboration and communication to make workflow and projects successful. I’m a UX/UI Hybrid with a strong focus on Visual Design and interaction.

Case Study

Prof Coach – Fox Sports

Prof Coach is a digital Fantasy Football product which I created for Fox Sports and the Dutch Football League, Eredivisie. The product is an iOS and Android app as well as a mobile-first website. My role was Lead UX/UI designer on the project. The images below show the transition between the early-stage sketches through the wireframing phase to the end product which is pixel-perfect UI using the Hand-off tool Zeplin to collaborate with the development team.


My Background

I am a hands-on designer with many years experience designing websites and apps across an array of popular platforms. 

Having worked for both huge corporate companies and within small “Start-Up” environments I feel comfortable working in either. More importantly, is a cohesive team with complementary skills, diversity of styles with differences in opinion, experience and ideas. Great solutions come from sharing and giving, not from prescription.

Throughout my career I have led, grown and managed several design teams and relish being surrounded by people more skilled than myself in alternate areas of Design. Taking time to listen, learn and be inspired.

My interests lie in Design Principles, UX, UI, Holistic and User Centred Design. I use Rapid Prototyping to answer questions fast and believe in adopting an Agile approach where necessary as small iterations allow us to learn more efficiently. I pride myself in working collaboratively and being motivated to produce the best possible outcome.

My theory is that you get the best out of people when they believe in what they’re doing and that they feel they’re  contributing to something exciting.

Tools I Use

Photoshop 98%
Illustrator 96%
Sketch 94%
Zeplin 98%
InVision 97%
Balsamiq 92%
UX Pin 81%
After Effects 87%
Marvel 88%
Jira 86%
OmniGraffle 88%

How I Work

Mobile First…Cross Platform

UX & UI Principles

UI is what people use to interact with your product, and the UX is how they feel while they do.

If you imagine a product as the human body, the bones represent the code which give it structure. The organs represent the UX design: measuring and optimizing against input for supporting life functions. And UI design represents the cosmetics of the body–its presentation, its senses and reactions.

“A UI without UX is like a painter slapping paint onto canvas without thought; while UX without UI is like the frame of a sculpture with no paper mache on it. A great product experience starts with UX followed by UI. Both are essential for the product’s success.”

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping allows you to learn about the product quicker. Fast action getting a product into the world allows you to ultimately find out what works and what doesn’t far quicker than planning.

Working in teams and collaborating allows smarter thinking.

Facilitating Great Design

Digital design today involves many functions of graphic design; information architecture, user interface design, usability testing, user research and front-end or back-end development. The value of the modern web design professional is not those disciplines, however, but the ability to combine them to solve real problems, especially as a group. Effective group work requires structured, strategic meetings, and good facilitation provides that structure. I believe that collaboration and participation is key to great User Centred Design and User Experience Design.

  • Thinking Divergently

  • Focusing on people
  • Building to Think

  • Prototype Fast
  • Start Movements not just Sell Stories

  • Enable Participation

  • Cultivate Collaboration Internally & Externally

  • Asking the Right Questions



Tony has just finished up on a Home Office project and is one of the best senior UX/UI leads we have worked with

Matt Bradbeer (Associate Director), Transform

Tony is committed and very hard working. He’s able to pick up anything you need help with. He’s also very capable of working within a big team or to collaborate together on smaller projects. He can run a team by himself and take the lead alongside the BAs/developers. Along with his extensive design skills, Tony is also a great team member to have. He brings a smile to work everyday and always helps to promote team morale He’ll be hugely missed by our team!

Kat Brooks (Head of Design), Camelot Global

Tony is not only very knowledgeable in the Sportsbook and design arena, but he is also an invaluable asset to the team in his positive attitude and willingness to always pick up the slack where he can. There is no one I know of in the company who isn’t sad to see Tony leave us, his next team will be lucky to have him.

Rich Lowe (Head BA), Camelot Global
Tony’s depth of knowledge in design, mobile and UX was invaluable to me in my role at Chroma. The calibre of his work speaks for itself and doesn’t require any further praise from me!!
James Derbyshire, Chroma
Tony is a very experienced Digital Art Director. He’s spent several years working on the front line (literarily!) of some of the top papers in the UK where he has gained tremendous skills. He combines excellent creativity with impeccable execution.
Matteo Berlucchi, CEO Digital, Northern & Shell
His vast knowledge and enthusiasm for both digital and print design make him a great asset in any integrated design studio.
Sarah Murfin, Senior Designer, The FA
Tony knows digital design inside and out. He has a huge amount of experience – from creating the smallest asset to the largest website.
Leo Barnes, Senior Product Manager, N&S

Tony is a hugely talented designer, he’s consistently produced work that has exceeded client expectations and has a knack for delivering projects on time and to budget..

Debbie James, Head of Product, Channel 5
Clever, crafty, and a top designer, he is an absolute pleasure to work with. Tony has the knack when it comes to making complex tasks feel simple.
Ruby Quince, Digital Director, Freud Communications
Tony keeps up to date with the latest trends in web design and new innovation, and can incorporate this into what is required to ensure that the work he produces is always modern and fresh.
Wayne Harris, Chroma
Tony was top-class throughout the whole project. He is full of ideas, a bundle of fun to work with and is a first-rate UX/UI designer. I would wholeheartedly recommend Tony to anyone in need of an experienced designer.
Mark Gilbert, Head of Digital Content, The Football Association
Tony is a real pleasure to work with. Imaginative, very can-do and an incredibly able UX Designer, coupled with his ability to design User Interfaces to an extremely high standard he is an excellent team leader.
Derek Brown, Head of Strategy, The Sun
With the nature of our work we were constantly under deadline pressure and there was no one better to have around. He is great to work with and an all round cracking bloke.
Tony Brannon, Graphics Editor, The Sun

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